I went to PyCon 2015 in Montréal last week and it was, in a word, awesome.

This was my first PyCon and the biggest free software conference I've been to yet. So glad I went, although I only had enough time to go to the main conference. There were a few tutorials before the conference that sounded interesting, and a lot I could have worked on during the sprints. But as it is I had three days full of excellent talks and got some ideas and inspiration for future projects.

Out of all of the fascinating talks I listened to, I'll just describe a few of the highlights. David Beazley gave a really insightful demonstration on performance tradeoffs when dealing with concurrency in Python programs. Allison Kaptur delivered back-to-back talks on bytecode and on tips for reading and studying source code. There was a good review of how names and values are handled in Python by Ned Batchelder. And Josh Triplett gave a really cool talk and demonstration on his work on making Python work without an operating system. I highly recommend giving all of these a watch. There were many more interesting talks I went to at the conference, and many more that I had to miss. Fortunately, all of the conference talks, tutorials, and keynotes are recorded and freely available on the pyvideo.org site.

There's also of course the feeling of community, collaboration, and inspiration from being at a conference like this with thousands of other Python users and developers and seeing everyone's diverse projects and ideas coming together. I hope to keep the energy and ideas I've gotten going for my own projects.

So with this conference over, I intend to catch up on tutorials and talks I missed, start doing some great work with Python, and hopefully make it to PyCon again next year.


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